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Vladimir Obradović

IPMA Serbia President

Dr Vladimir Obradovic is a professor at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences. In his teaching and research work, he has achieved substantial results: over 80 papers published in national and international congresses and journals, as well as several monographs. For his scientific achievements, he has been awarded the highest scientific rank from Serbian Ministry of Science. Pedagogical results are verifiedthrough student evaluations, dissertation supervisions, andsupport to student organizations.

He has been engaged at all levels of education on the following courses: Management, Project management, Strategic management, Change management, Leadership. He also works as a consultant for governments, public, non-governmental and profit organizations. As a leader and trainer, he has participated in a significant number of training, seminars and other forms of educative programs.  He participated in several programs of continuing education for business and management university teachers.

He is director of the International certification of project managers in Serbia and member of various bodies in International Project Management Association and editor-in-chiefof the European Project Management Journal. Also, he is a member of several international associations: SENET (South East Europe Project Management Network), AOM (Academy of Management), ILA (International Leadership Association) and CEEMAN-а (Central and East European Management Association).

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