Education and training

Membership in the Serbian Project Management Association is open and based on the principles of interdisciplinarity, professional competence, professional commitment to theoretical and practical work in the field of project management at different levels in the economy, science and public services, culture, sport, etc.

The IPMA Courses offer you a unique opportunity to expand your project, programme or portfolio management competencies, whether you seek more experience or want to improve your applied methods or behavioural skills. Our courses are highly relevant for project executives, senior project managers, programme managers, portfolio managers, project management office (PMO) managers, project management consultants, and project management trainers alike.

The Advanced Courses are appropriate for the training needs of candidates for IPMA® Certification of managers at Level B and Level A. As recognised leaders in project management training, our courses offer intensive in-depth training provided by eminent project managers and educators with internationally proven experience.

Our reputation for superior classes quality is based on a number of elements: small class sizes, highly interactive training with active participation, use of case studies and projects from the participants’ own organisations, and opportunities to network with internationally experienced individuals – all in a relaxed learning environment, which includes having fun!

Main benefits:

  • Eminent project managers and educators with internationally proven experience;
  • Learning environment, which includes having fun;
  • Promote an in depth exchange of experience;
  • For each of the following seminars candidate will receive IPMA Serbia certificate;
  • You could specify your demands and get professional advice and support.
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