Competence Model for Business Development 4.0 in the European Context – KomBEU

Last week IPMA Serbia and the Project Management College hosted researchers from Germany from the Institute for Social Research in Munich (ISF Munich).  Dr Eckhard Heidling and Alexander Dr Ziegler were in Serbia within the project Competence Model for Business Development 4.0 in the European Context – KomBEU. 

KomBEU is an international research project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education with research aims to contribute to the realization of the potentials of digital transformation for the successful formation of startups and the implementation of business model innovations in established enterprises in the Western Balkan Region. Its goal is to develop a competence model for business development 4.0 and to integrate its modules into the curricula of Serbian universities.

The main research topics are:

      1. Mapping the structure and dynamics of the Serbian innovation ecosystem in the tech sector
      2. Assessment of the current competency landscape for business model development and project management in startups and SMEs,
      3. Analyzing university curricula and finding good practices on the skill transfer between the education system and the business sector.

To achieve the goals and answer some of the leading research questions, the researchers visited the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, and the Scientific Research Center of the FOS, where they got acquainted with the existing practices and scientific fields studied in these institutions.

The visit included meetings with the Digital Serbia Initiative and the Innovation Found to get to know their activities and present the grants they provide to startups. The researcher’s visit to Serbia ended with a meeting with the director of the entrepreneurship sector of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the head of the innovation department.

This was the first visit of partners from the ISF Munich Institute to Serbia. In June, representatives of the TIBA consulting company from Germany, also a partner of the project Competence Model for Business Development 4.0 project in the European context – KomBEU, were in Serbia, where we hosted the student competition IPMA HackDays 20222.