IPMA Serbia has become Crossref member

Aiming to improve its research activities and publishing capacities and build the research brand at the national and international level, the Serbian project management association – IPMA Serbia has become a Crossref member, as the registered publisher for different types of publications.

IPMA Srbija is publishing various books in the field of project management and investments, as well as proceedings from 26 already organized international congresses in project management. Since 2011. IPMA Serbia publishes the European Project Management Journal. From 2011 to 2016 the Journal was entitled Serbian Project Management Journal, and since 2017 it has been published under the title European Project Management Journal. The journal has been categorized by the Ministry of education, science and technology development, Republic of Serbia, and indexed at the National Library of Serbia. Since 2020 the European Project Management Journal has been indexed at the international databases CEEOL and DOAJ. In addition, since 2022 the Journal has been indexed in SCOPUS, as the result of the Journal’s growth and development trend.

As a Crossref member, IPMA Srbija is a registered publisher for IPMA Serbia publications but also for the publications within the International Project Management Association – IPMA member associations. All IPMA Serbia published articles will have a unique identifying number (Digital Object Identifier – DOI). DOI as the standardized digital number can be used for citing and linking to electronic content. A DOI number never changes and can be used to permanently link to an electronic article no matter where it is stored. 

Meeting the requirements for publishers at the international level, IPMA Serbia builds its capacities and develops in the research field. Besides the activities of the project, program and portfolio certification, the certification of consultants, coaches and trainers, the organization of events, work with young people and consultancy, IPMA Serbia as the Association serves academia, through the publishing of conference proceedings, journal articles, monographs and other research content that is visible at the international level.