Project management in public sector

Project Management in Public Sector: Resources and Regulation

This year’s Conference on Project Management in Public Sector – Resources and Regulation aim is to contribute to the development of project management regulations and the development of key resources for projects in the public sector.

The conference is intended for decision-makers who deal with project planning and project implementation, state officials, representatives of the companies and representatives of the non-governmental sector as partners of the public sector on different projects, representatives of the academic community, as well as participants with international experience in the application of project management standards, methodologies and practices.

Objectives of the conference are:

    • The exchange of knowledge and experience in project management in the public sector, from the aspect of necessary regulations, and necessary resources for excellence results
    • Open discussion on current challenges and perspectives in the field of project management, and the latest trends in the field of project management in the public sector at the global level.
    • Intensive dialogue in the field of cooperation between the public sector, companies, non-governmental sector, and the academic community on the improvement of regulations and resource development, for improved project management in the public sector.


The first conference on Project management in the public sector – challenges and perspectives, organized by IPMA Serbia and National Academy for Public Administration – NAPA, was held in 2019. The great interest of companies, the public and the non-governmental sector was provoked by two panels, discussing the challenges and perspectives of project management in the public sector. The focus of the first panel was on the projects where the state has the leading role, while the next panel was dedicated to project management where the state is the partner. 

IPMA Serbia organizes a set of events every year, with a special focus on project management in the public sector.

Participation in the conference is free, and you can register by scanning the QR code until November 25th, 2022.