Successfully completed PMdays 2023

The Project Management Association – IPMA Serbia traditionally marks ”Project Management Days” every November.

The first event within PMdays 2023 was a certification information day held on November 9 in an online format. Participants had the opportunity to learn about international certifications in project, program, and portfolio management, agile management, sustainable project management, as well as project management in the public sector. Participants were able to ask questions, and there was notable attendance and interest from young participants regarding the opportunities that certification offers and how the certification process contributes to future careers in project management.

For all Young Crew Serbia members, an online workshop titled ‘How Game Theory Can Help a Project Manager?’ was held on November 16, moderated by Ognjen Nikolić, an associate at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade. During this interactive workshop, participants were introduced to the concepts of game theory and explored its application in the field of project management. Ognjen provided a detailed insight into the basics of game theory, focusing on key concepts such as players, strategies, and outcomes.

Also, as part of the project management days, on November 24, certificates were ceremoniously awarded to the first group of trainees in the European Commission Project Management Methodology Program. The trainees gained an understanding of the basic theories and concepts of project management, including basic processes according to PM2, as well as the fundamental principles of Project Management in the public sector.

Another event marking this year’s Project Management Days was the meeting of the Project Management Unit SIG PMO titled ‘Ally or Hindrance: What Role Does PMO Play in Your Organization?’ The meeting was held on Monday, November 27, 2023, at the premises of the corporate member of IPMA Serbia, Siemens Energy . Vladimir Rašović, the head of SIG PMO IPMA Serbia, and a member of SIG PMO IPMA, moderated the meeting. Seventeen participants from companies belonging to the private and public sectors, operating in various industries such as energy, telecommunications, banking, IT, education, cement industry, and others, attended the meeting. During the meeting, participants highlighted numerous challenges they face in practice and exchanged experiences in addressing them.

One of the meeting’s goals was to contribute to a better understanding of the PMO’s role in the organization, as differences were observed in the understanding of the PMO’s role by different project stakeholders, as well as differences in the PMO structure’s position compared to the organization’s management. At Mr. Rašović’s initiative, meeting participants expressed readiness to contribute to strengthening the PMO community in Serbia through intensified communication, exchange of experiences to find good solutions in PMO leadership, and proposing current topics for SIG PMO meetings planned for the next year.

As the final activity of PMdays 2023, the InnovateSERBIA Transfer Forum was held within the Competence Model for Business Development 4.0 in the European Context – KomBEU project, an international research project funded by the Ministry of Education of Germany. The forum brought together experts in entrepreneurship, academic community, and innovation, as well as students and young professionals, aiming to develop competence models for business in Industry 4.0 and integrate them into the curricula of universities in Serbia. We are particularly pleased that students from the Technical University of Munich joined us, where we had the opportunity to hear how Germany encourages its students to start-ups and how their beginnings looked. The forum is the last in a series of activities of the project implemented by the ISF Munich Institute consortium, TIBA consulting firm, and the Faculty for Project and Innovation Management of Prof. Dr. Petar Jovanović, Educons University, where IPMA Serbia is a partner. We remind you that during the project’s implementation, in June 2022, the IPMA HackDays 2022 student competition was organized, aiming to encourage students to develop their business ideas.

As the last activity within IPMA Serbia PMDays 2023, a meeting was held between representatives of companies Brose, Bosch, and Auto-Kabel, leading companies in the automotive industry in Serbia, with Reinhard Wagner, director of the TIBA consulting firm, which already works with companies such as BMW, Audi, Tesla, Bosch, Brose, and others in its portfolio in Germany. The meeting was initiated by IPMA Serbia with the aim of discussing the main issues faced by project teams and PMOs in the automotive industry in Serbia, as well as ways to overcome them. One of the conclusions of the initial meeting was that there is a noticeable shift towards agile and flexible project management in the automotive industry, as well as a focus on sustainability. New challenges encountered are subjects for further discussion and the initiation of the Project Management Section in the Automotive Industry SIG Automotive as an opportunity for networking and idea exchange.

Over 80 participants had the opportunity to attend events within PMdays 2023. We thank everyone who contributed to the success of this year’s PMdays 2023.