The first IPMA Global Project Profession Forum successfully organized in Seville

Representatives of IPMA Serbia participated in the first IPMA Global Project Profession Forum, which was held in Seville, Spain, on September 21–22, 2023. The concept of the Forum was designed as a platform to connect and exchange the latest knowledge and information among global organizations, PMOs, executives, and other participants. At the Forum opening ceremony, participants were addressed by Joop Schefferlie, IPMA President, Vladimir Obradović, IPMA VP Administration, Finance & Events, Nieves Valenzuela Romero, General Director of Promotion of Innovation, Ministry for Universities, Research, and Innovation, Andalucia Government, and Alvaro Jesus Pimentel Siles, Deputy Major of Ayuntamiento de Sevilla, the Sevilla Municipality.

Nearly 250 participants from 50 countries took part in the two-day Forum and had the opportunity to listen to 34 speakers at 9 panels and 3 workshops. Current topics of the held panels, such as “Project Management Office dead or alive?”, “Project Management in the Public Sector”, “Project Management and ESG”, “Future of Project Management”, as well as the workshops “Improving your projects by implementing project excellence” and “Unlocking PMO Potential: A Journey of Diverse Perspectives”, attracted the attention of the participants, who additionally contributed to the success of the event with their questions and participation in the discussions.

Along with the official program of the Forum, 34 internal meetings of international IPMA project teams were held during both days, in which were engaged representatives of the IPMA Serbia, Marija Todorović, as IPMA Research Coordinator, Danijela Toljaga-Nikolić, as project manager of the IPMA WoS project and Vladana Stepanović, as IPMA Awards Program officer.

In addition to panels, workshops, and meetings, visits and social events were organized for the participants of the Forum, where the participants had the opportunity to enjoy and share experiences. On the second day, a visit to the port of Seville is organized, which is unique as the only inland maritime port in Spain and the only commercial river port in the country. During both days, the social events for the participants were organized, first the welcome cocktail on the first day of the Forum, and then the IPMA Global Awards Gala, where the awards were given to 21 finalists from 12 countries who received recognition in 8 different categories.