Worskhop on developing strategies for RDIs

The first workshop on the project Strategy Advisory Services for RDIs was held on November, 7th 2022 at the  Institute for the application of nuclear energy INEP.

Participants of this workshop were representatives of the next RDIs:  The Institute of physics, Institute for the application of nuclear energy INEP, Electrical engineering institute Nikola Tesla, Institute of field and vegetable crops Novi Sad, Institute for international politics and economics, Institute of molecular genetics and genetic engeneering IMGGE.

Prof dr. Marija Gnjatović, director of INEP, prof dr Vikotor Nedović, director of the Serbia Accelerating Innovation andGrowthEntrepreneurship (SAIGE) project and prof. dr Vladimir Obradović, head of the team for supporting scientific research institutes in the development of strategies greeted the participants. The goal of the workshop was to present a contemporary approach to the strategic orientation of RDIs, the importance of developing a strategy for institutes, as well as examples of strategies of the best-ranked RDIs at the global level. The workshop has a fruitful exchange of experience between institutes representatives in defining the strategic direction and effective joint work with the participants on the application of tools and techniques on developing strategies for RDIs.


The work of RDIs has a wide impact on the entire society, therefore the development of the RDIs capacity for strategic management and the development of strategies for RDIs have a key role in the reform of the scientific research sector. This contributes to the excellence of the RDIs business, the development of innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities, a better ranking of RDIs, as well as access to finance, and further the development of the country and its competitiveness. Accordingly, the development of strategies of RDIs is done precisely according to the model of strategic management in RDIs.


This workshop, within the project, will be followed by two more workshops and facilitation of the process of developing strategies for RDIs.

This project contributes to the overall goal of the project SAIGE project, funded by the World Bank, and provides a sustainable solution for the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development (MoESTD). The main contribution is particularly in the execution of Component 1.2 RDI Reforms, building institutional capacities, strategy, and strategic documents.  This is a crucial part of the initiated transformation process of RDIs.