Global eCollaboration Competition

The Global eCollaboration Competition (GeCCo) is an international virtual 24-hour project management case study competition organized by IPMA Young Crew.

Let’s face it, one of the best parts of being in a global network of young project managers is the people you get to meet! Most of those contacts happen during our flagship event, the Global Young Crew Workshop, but attending an international event always has an economic barrier for many.

The world is going digital, which is why we have to be in the forefront of that wave in our networking, so we decided to organize an online competition that takes 24 hours and teams in which each team member comes from a different country! With different time zones, 24 hours is almost as three days! Interested? You can be participating, organizing it locally or bring it to the international level!

Why students should participate?

  • Test their PM skills against other students;
  • PMC can be a way to start the career;
  • Get noticed in PM community in the particular country;
  • Learn more about PM in a fun way and learning-by-doing;
  • Chance to meet and show oneself in front of internationally recognized experts in the field;
  • Option to gain respectable record for one’s CV;
  • Get valuable prizes– to bring together all YCs and enhance the cooperation between them;
  • To spread awareness of the importance and benefits of virtual teams, especially among IPMA Young Crews and future project managers;
  • To increase the visibility of IPMA Young Crew and IPMA Young Crew projects.

In order to qualify for becoming a participant of the GeCCo competition you must fulfill these criteria:

  • You must be currently a resident of a country that is registered in the GeCCo competition. See the list of countries here.
  • You must be 18 – 35 years old;
  • Theoretical knowledge project management is a requirement. Practical experience in project management is a bonus, but not required. You must be familiar with common project management terms, definitions, tools and methods;
  • Good English proficiency is required;
  • Reliable and available internet connection is a must.